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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Just as the chickens like to rearrange the strands of hay in their nest boxes, we're busy arranging our nest!  We love our house, and its smaller size and open spaces are perfect for our lifestyle here, except for one major lack--bookshelves!  Our old house had a study AND a library, both full of books.  Most of those books have spent the past two years living in boxes in the garage (except for the attractive-looking ones that were helping to stage the old house.)  We need books in our nest just as much as a hen needs nice clean hay in hers! 

A previous post showed the beginning of the process:  Here's a look at the progress since then . . .
The former double closet has become a large bay to hold filing cabinets.  New can lights in the ceiling light both the filing area and the study itself.
The study isn't a bedroom anymore, so as long as the wall had to have the sheetrock ripped off to put in a support beam, we decided to do away with the old door into the bathroom and gain some nice wall space.
Here is the opposite side of the room where the book shelves are going to go.  Most of the furniture got moved out so the floor installers could work.
Here is our bedroom, ready for the floor installers to take the furniture out.
Here is a stack of wood flooring in the living room, along with a lot of the furniture that got moved out of the other rooms.
Here is the new study floor!
And here is the new bedroom floor!  It just took 1 1/2 days to do both rooms, although it will take us quite a bit longer to sort through all the disorder caused by wholesale moving out of the furniture!
And finally, here are the bookcases lined up in the hay barn, ready to be stained.  How convenient that we have this great big barn since it rained most of the week.  The carpenters could work there, keeping the noise and the sawdust out of the house!


  1. Yes, we're excited about it! But check out the latest post!

  2. Color me jealous for the bookshelves.

  3. Oh, dear! If you're jealous now, Wobbly, I'm afraid to put up a picture of them now that they're finished and I'm starting to put books on them. :) I was talking with our carpenter about France, and he did mention that he would work in France! :)


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