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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Never a Dull Moment!

When our carpenter started to install the bookshelves in the study Monday morning, he noticed there was a bulge in the floorboards running halfway across the room. 

So this morning, the floor guys came back to fix it.  The fix involved them sawing out about 12' of flooring two boards wide.

The sawdust set off the smoke alarm.

The smoke alarm set off the burglar alarm, and on top of that, the keypad started beeping.

Our code wouldn't work to turn anything off, and the security company put me on hold.

Finally the shrieking burglar alarm stopped by itself, but the keypad kept beeping.  The security company finally connected me to a tech who could help me solve the beeping problem.

About that time, two sherriff's deputies turned up in marked cars.  I had no idea that our alarm called them automatically, but they said that even if we had told the security company that it was a false alarm, they would still have checked it out.

So we had a chat with them, thanked them for being on the job, and saw them drive off.  One of them is going to a funeral tomorrow for a Chattanooga police officer with whom he went through training who was shot to death a few days ago while responding to an armed robbery.  As he said, "A bad alarm is a good one."

This is the third time we've had sherriff's deputies here.  The first two times were for stolen horses.  We much prefer the false alarm!

And now you know why I call this blog "Adventures on Zephyr Hill Farm"!


  1. Wow, what a day!
    I'm glad you only have pictures on your blog and no sound clips ;)

  2. Ha! ha! But you can imagine! And not only that, the horses got out of the electric fence in the front yard when a plastic connector pulled loose. Someone who was working here saw that the wire was down, but thought we left it like that! Obviously they don't know anything about electric fence or horses--they'd know you wouldn't bother putting horses inside a fence and then leave the wire on the ground! Fortunately, the girls came galloping when they heard grain rattling in a pan!

  3. Wow, after reading this, I think I'm thankful after all that my day was just a tad boring. School, laundry, school, gardening, school. . .
    Ha, ha! :)


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