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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inside Out, Outside In

Recent posts about the fence, the garden and the chicks and ducklings have shown everything happening outside, but they have neglected the inside! So here's an update on what's happening inside--and why I'm not posting as much as I'd like to.

Having finally sold our old house after two years of living here, we are now ready to do some remodeling here and really get settled in.  One of the first items of business is to have a place to hang all the art work we brought from the old Victorian house.  I learned to love the picture rail we had there because I could move pictures around without having to put holes in the wall.  So one of the first steps here is to put up crown moulding with picture rail below it.  Here's a "before" shot of the living room.
I knew I'd love having picture rail, but I had no idea how much it and the crown moulding would add to the character of the room.  This is a "during" shot; I'll save the "after" one for later when the painting is done and all the pictures are hung.
Besides bead board and chair rail in the mudroom, the study is getting most of the remodeling.  This former double closet with sliding doors is getting opened up to provide an area for us to line up file cabinets and storage pieces.
It's amazing how much junk comes out of a few little pieces of wall!
The worst part about this kind of remodeling is the havoc it wreaks in our lives while it's going on.  First the furniture had to get shoved out of the way so the contractor could get to work.  Since this picture was taken, Herb has trundled most of it down the hall and into the garage to store it temporarily.

Next up:  hardwood floors to match the rest of the house and built-in bookshelves across that back wall where the free-standing bookcases are peeking out.

The carpenters are moving right along and working wonders on a daily basis, but it's going to be a long project, nevertheless!  I'll post more pictures when  things are looking a bit more finished!

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  1. Looking forward to more pictures!
    Sounds exciting! Spring is a good time to do this, isn't it? I'm eager to get outside and do more things as soon as possible.


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