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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Well-Deserved Break! (Saturday, Feb. 26)

The first break of the day was Spa Day, a semi-annual event that I host for the college girls that attend St. Elmo Pres.  This year we had a real spa--the therapy tub in our basement spa room.  For an entire week before Spa Day, I cleaned the house, put away clutter left over after our move, and decorated the spa room.  The morning of Spa Day, I baked scones and set the table.  Herb had already left for Leahaven with a few college guys so we girls could have the house to ourselves.
With a CD of relaxing music playing and incense perfuming the air, the spa room was ready to welcome the girls.  Well, almost--apparently we underestimated how much time it would take to get all that water nice and toasty, so it was more bracing than anything else!  Still, a few of us braved the water while the others dangled their feet.  When our teeth started to chatter, we headed back upstairs.
We had to take the obligatory picture of the girls with their clay or peel-off masks, although not much is needed to improve these beautiful, smiling faces.
While the masks set, we had fun pampering ourselves with pedicures, salt scrubs, hand lotions, and massages while we ate and talked.  What about?  If you want to know, you'll just have to come to Spa Day next year--unless you're a guy.  In that case, you'll just have to wonder!
That day ended in an evening of pampering someone else who REALLY deserved a break!  Jenny had just finished three days of bar exams (both VA and TN), and Jean-Marc had planned a surprise dinner at Niko's to celebrate her accomplishment.
After seeing her beautiful necklace, presented at a delicious dinner, I said I wanted to go to law school, too!  :)  Only kidding--I could never have made it through everything she did.  She thoroughly deserved the pampering!
Jim and Monique joined us with Kol, while Charis went to bed with a babysitter . . .
. . . Kara joined us, too . . .
. . . and of course we were there to celebrate with Jenny.  I must admit, after having labored for an entire week getting Spa Day accomplished, I was glad to enjoy the fruits of Jenny's labor by getting a lovely meal out!  Thank you, Jean-Marc!

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  1. What a great evening celebrating with some of my favorite people:-)


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