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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Didi Day (Wednesday, Feb. 23)

After a two week hiatus, I'm going to try to catch up--and hopefully remind myself in the process, exactly what has kept me too busy to blog!

This was our first time to babysit both Charis and Kol at the same time.  Charis has gone from preferring to ignore Kol's existence to being very focused on him, and it is so precious to see.  Here she is clapping her hands because she's happy that he joined us!  He is just as focused on her, apparently!
While I got our dinner ready, Charis wanted to cook for Didi.  She now carries on delightful conversations with us, most of which we understand!
Later, while I got Charis ready for bed, Didi had a chance to rock Kol and sing to him.

Before I put her to bed, Charis heard Kol starting to cry.  She looked at me and said, "Baby Kol eat Mama."  Making a valiant effort not to laugh, I replied, "Yes, he does."  I thought that was too cute not to share with Herb, so I carried Charis into the kitchen to tell him, and there she saw Didi getting a bottle ready for Kol.

"Baby Kol eat Didi?" Charis asked me.  (Another valiant effort not to laugh!)

"No," I replied, "Didi is giving Baby Kol a bottle."  She thought about that for a minute, and I could almost see the wheels turning in her head.

"Didi eat Baby Kol?" she asked.  I reassured her that he was just going to give Kol a bottle, and that seemed to settle (for the time being) her existential questions about who eats who!

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