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Monday, March 14, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful, All Creatures Great and Small (Sunday, Feb. 27)

We're having an early spring this year with balmy temperatures and color bursting out everywhere.  We're afraid there's going to be some more nasty weather later, but we're revelling in it right now.
The daffodils have been so beautiful!
The Valentine tree has turned pale red as it blossoms out down by the pond.
There's even beginning to be a bit of green in the grass, though the prevailing color is still winter's brown.
Siobhan is getting big!  Will she ever be glad when the new fence is done and she gets into the new pasture for her first taste ever of spring grass!
In spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love--and Jenny and Jean-Marc both fell in love with an adorable puppy that we found at McKamey in Chattanooga.
Another family nearly took him, but they decided he stank.  He did!  He and his siblings had obviously rolled in some pee, but hey--that washes off!  Jenny got right down to it and washed that puppy till he shone!
He really seemed to appreciate being loved on, and he gave Jenny a thank you kiss.
Here's the happy new family:  Daddy, Tai, and Mommy!


  1. Ouuu, you'll have to get me copies of those first pictures of Taiyung and JM and I! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for coming dog hunting with us. I think we found a keeper!!


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