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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Adorable Little Ones (Saturday, March 19)

Here's a belated (due in part to upheaval from remodeling) photo journal of a lovely afternoon spent with Jim and Monique, Charis and Kol.  It was Kol's first official visit to Zephyr Hill Farm, since the first time he was here it was just so his Mama could drop Charis off for the day.  You'll notice that he was absolutely wow-ed by everything he saw!  :)

Sometimes when I read other farming blogs that I follow, I realize that mine has a strange mix of informational "farm-y" posts, general country life, and pictures of our grandchildren.  But I like it that way because that's what our lives are like!  Although we started doing this because it captivated us, as we build our little farm, we are always thinking about our children and grandchildren.  When we went to Farm School at Nature's Harmony Farm last summer, they told us to figure out who our clients are.  We knew immediately--our children and grandchildren!  We're doing this to build something good and healthy and full of precious memories for our loved ones!  From remodeling the house (so we have room for all the books we've collected and place for everyone to sleep when they come to visit) to making improvements on the farm, we're doing it for them.


  1. So sweet! We love coming to visit! Just wish we lived a tad bit closer ;-)

  2. Ahhh, what a beautiful family pic!

  3. @Jenny--me, too!
    @Barbara, well, it's the subjects--not the photography. Too bad it's so obviously spring-y or it would make a good Christmas card!


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