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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Adorable Little Ones (Monday, Mar. 21)

Here are some recent pictures of our Zephyr Hill babies.

 Muscovy ducklings, 6 days old.

 Freedom Ranger chicks, 5 days old. Notice their wings are already feathering out, some more than others. The one at the right in front is already getting a little bit of tail feather.

Siobhan is four and a half months old.

This is a full-grown sunset--I just threw it in as a freebie!


  1. Pictures not appearing on this latest post...!

  2. I know! It's extremely irritating, as long as I spend getting my pictures ready and posting them! Apparently a lot of people are having this problem and we just have to wait for Blogger to fix it. If you click on the little box, it will open a window with the photo. But if they don't fix this soon I will switch to another site!

  3. Glad the blog is up and running again!


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