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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forming Ties (Monday, Feb. 28)

Since Tai would be visiting with us for a week, the very next morning after he arrived, Jenny took him to meet "The Gang."  Brandy, Angel, Siobhan and Sara were all equally curious about the new little fur-ball!
Tai was just as curious about them--and very laid back about all those gigantic animals snuffling through the fence at him.
Introductions over, it was time to run off some energy.
Tai had a surplus of energy, much of which he expended with Hero.  Hero amazed us!  We thought he might be aggressive with the mini-interloper, but instead he was like an avuncular uncle who just laid around and let Tai climb all over him.  Hero even played with Tai, crouching down with wagging tail to invite him to play fight.  It was hysterical to watch him lay his dignity aside to rough-house with a puppy!
Zephyr amazed us, too!  Far from being maternal or herding Tai, she was terrified of him.  Every time he came near, she ran--which, of course, meant that Tai chased her.  She spent several days just running until she finally learned to bark and growl at Tai's unwanted advances.
The one rule Hero had for Tai from the beginning was "No chasing Zephyr!"  Repeatedly, Hero stepped in between them to block Tai and engage him a game while Zephyr escaped.

I must say, we are blessed with pretty nice animals!


  1. Zephyr's Hero! That's a great photo at the end. It tells a whole story.

    You never know when they get dumped together how it's going to go. Will the homebodies see the visitor as a playmate or a trespasser.

  2. Yes, Walter, and it just reminds me that even though I think I know how my animals will react in a certain situation, I still think like a human and I don't always "get" them!

  3. Aww, poor Zeph. Has she recovered yet? ;-p

  4. Yes, she's fine and on to a new hobby--barking at the guys who are doing our remodeling. There's so much scope for barking: metal measureing tapes, hammers, saws, throwing sheetrock out the window, etc.


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