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Monday, November 1, 2010

A Mimi Afternoon (Thursday, Oct. 28)

Charis and I went out in the afternoon to play with Zephyr in the long grass near the barn.
The grass was higher than Charis' head.
I enjoyed playing with angles and light as Charis explored her little wilderness.

 It was fun to get down on the ground and see things from her perspective.

Wherever Charis went, Zephyr was her shadow.  Charis loves Zephyr and gives a big hug to her toddler-sized companion. 

This picture reminded me of a 1970's flower child, which shows how old Mimi is!
The warm sun made everyone feel lazy.  What better way to spend an October afternoon than just hanging around with someone you love?


  1. That last pic is the BEST! It should go in a magazine. Seriously!


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