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Monday, November 1, 2010

Farmer Girl Charis (Friday, Oct. 29)

In the morning we went over to Aunt Kara's house, and Charis got a ride!
After it warmed up, she modeled her new Farmer Girl overalls in the Chicken Palace.  We were checking for eggs because Victoria and Esmerelda have been hiding their eggs in the shavings under these shelves instead of laying in their nest boxes.  No eggs today!
Next we went to move the chicken tractor.
 Do these overalls make my butt look big?
Charis discovered that it's kind of fun walking around in the chicken tractor when you don't have to stoop over!
America's Next Top Model, Petite Cycle, Season 29!
By the time for evening feeding, it was cool enough to need a jacket.  Charis wanted to walk down the hill, and of course Sophie and Peekaboo came along.  They go everywhere she goes!
Charis and Sara were mutually curious, gazing at each other through the gate.
Sara may be a Dexter and therefore a little cow, but Charis was a little cowed, too!  "Mimi, please!" 

Once she got to look things over from Mimi's arms, she was ready to get back down and go nose to nose with Sara through the gate again!
That was our last time doing chores together because Jim and Monique are due home tomorrow.  Hopefully, the next time Charis sees Sara, she'll have her calf.  She's due November 1, and we can't wait to show the calf to Charis!

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