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Friday, October 22, 2010

Same Song, Second Verse (Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 20-21)

Still catching up!
 Wednesday morning we vanquished our technological difficulties (involving an iphone that wouldn't give us "Face Time") and got connected with Dada and Mama in Israel via Skype.  I couldn't take a picture of Charis while I was holding her, so I took some of Dada and Mama for her.  It took her awhile to realize who it was on the computer screen, but once she did, she got so excited.  When it was time to say good-bye, she waved excitedly, saying, "Dada, Mama bye-bye!"  Since then, whenever she sees this Skype photo on my computer, she gets very excited.
Wednesday was a day that Charis needed some comforting, and "mee-oh-mee-oh" (oatmeal) was her comfort food of choice.  The high chair was "out" and Mimi's lap was "in," and Sophie was happy to sit in Charis' lap and be fed "mee-oh-mee-oh," too.  When she got too enthusiastic about her food (i.e., when Charis pushed her face a bit too far into it!), Mimi and Charis cleaned her up.
Later on, Charis got to talk to Aunt Jenny on Skype, too!
Thursday morning while Didi and Mimi planned a gate in the barnyard fence, Charis decided to explore the edge of the woods nearby (always under supervision, of course!)  She amused herself picking leaves and tearing them into tiny pieces . . .
. . . which she then "fed" to Zephyr who very patiently examined each new offering.  Charis seemed happy to wander away from the security of Didi and Mimi as long as "Feffer" was near her.  It was so precious to hear her call, "Feffer!  Feffer!" if ever Zephyr strayed too far away on her own explorations!
Before lunch there was time to play in the sandbox.
After lunch it was time to Skype with Dada and Mama again and to meet their friend Ezekiel.
After Charis' nap, she sat in Didi's lap on the back porch while Mimi peeled and cut up some of the pears they picked up a few days ago.  That was quite a convenient--and fun--place to work on the pears because Mimi just threw any too-ripe ones, along with the pear peelings and cores, off the porch.  Then the "diddens" would come running to devour them!

These pears have to be cooked to be edible, so Mimi decided to stew them.  Here's the recipe:
2 c. water
1/4 c. honey
juice of one tangerine
6 whole cloves
grated fresh nutmeg
3" long piece of cinnamon stick

After bringing all these ingredients to simmering, Mimi added 3 pears cut into quarters and stewed them for an hour.
By then it was time to feed the animals, so Charis went out with Didi and "Heyo" (on a leash because he's still on probation!) to do the chores.
Meanwhile, Mimi cooked ground lamb and made "Tagine √† l'Agneau aux Coings" with the pears, instead.  "Coings" are quinces, which are a hard tropical fruit that needs to be cooked to be eaten.  I figured these pears, which I found out are Kieffer pears, fit the bill.  They made a delicious tagine with some onions, cinnamon, tagine spice, and Mexican saffron added to the lamb and prunes, with honey drizzled over the top.  Charis didn't like the pears, but she devoured the lamb and prunes!


  1. A neighbor out in Bedford County used to give us pears off her old tree--I think they were Kieffer pears also. Your pics and description of your pear dish made my mouth water. . .and I don't even LIKE pears!

  2. What did you do with them, Barbara?

    I was also thinking of making a chicken tagine with apricots and pears . . .


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