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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Getting a Little Behind in My Work

I'm afraid I'm getting a little behind in my work because I'm just now posting pictures from Charis' afternoon yesterday. She's taking a nap now, so the ones from this morning are all there is for the moment.

While Didi dug post holes by hand yesterday, I picked arugula and Charis got into gardening.
It looks like SHE got a little behind in her work, too--or is that a little work on her behind?  :)
We don't have a jungle gym here, but Charis didn't miss it all all. 
Hey, if the peas can climb the trellis . . .
. . . so can she!  :)
This morning Charis and Peekaboo played . . . what else, Peek-a-boo!

Who knew a ferret climbing into a box was doubled-over-laughing funny!
This horse goes pretty fast for an old guy, considering Mimi rode him when she was Charis' age!  Hey, Didi, I bet she'd love a REAL pony!
"Soupie go' ride."  That's what Charis said, and that's what Sophie did!

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