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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Absolutely Floored! (Tuesday, Sept. 28)

Herb started work on the tack room floor today.  He used 2 x 6 joists on 16" centers and supported them on both ends with half concrete blocks.  Of course, since the ground level was uneven, he had to dig out for some blocks and build up dirt under others.  He had never built a floor without a concrete slab . . .
Less than 5 hours later, he finished nailing in the last floor joist--and the sturdy, LEVEL joists are ready for the floor!
Zephyr thinks this is an obstacle course built for her amusement--to jump over the joists or to hop from one to another.

I think this is a totally amazing foundation for a beautifully level floor that will be protected from moisture and would easily support a 500-lb gorilla!  I am SO proud of Herb and SO impressed!  In short, I'm absolutely floored!  :)

(And don't worry, we aren't planning on getting a gorilla!  Well not right now, anyway.)


  1. I love how you always have your helper dogs with you!

  2. Please bring Zeph Zeph. She is EXPECTED here, and has a room reserved for her lovely self.

  3. It is harder than it looks.

  4. No kidding! We've been using it for well over a year now, and it's great! But it was a lot of work! You sound like you've had some experience! :)

  5. We are two years into our farm. Hard work

  6. We are hoping to have home built before next winter.

  7. I have added some more work to our post. Hope you can enjoy our two years so far I will update as I can each week.
    Mark & Bev

  8. June update House Package has arrived (:


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