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Monday, September 27, 2010

Chicken Olympics!

We let the chicks out of their chicken tractor this afternoon.  They're starting to smell, being crowded in the chicken tractor, plus with the grass being so dry, there's not enough to feed them all for a whole day.  We figure they're now big enough to fend for themselves as long as we're around to protect them from hawks, cats, and Hero.

They were hilarious!  Very timid at first, they ventured out hesitantly.  And then the games began . . .
The 100 Meter Dash, racing around the chicken tractor.
The Mexican Stand-Off, usually between two cockerels (which is probably why this pullet looked so surprised when this guy faced off with her).
The Strut, nobody running, just prancing along.
Into the Jaws of Death, only for the foolish or the brave.  Good thing Herb had hold of Hero; he was trying very hard to be good, but when they flapped around like, excuse the expression, chickens with their heads cut off, it was more than Hero could resist without some strong-arm help from Herb!
The Door Prize--and the black cockerel challenges the brown pullet for first place!
The Race to the Top, part I.
The Race to the Top, part II.  You can get an idea how funny it is in action as they cling by one leg, scramble, climb, and flap to the top of the chicken tractor.
The Dismount--this one deserves a 10!
The Long Jump-Flap, a combination of running, jumping, and flying leap.
The Flying Vault, my favorite.  Only for Ninja chickens!

And last, but not least,
The Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Race

Why, to get home, of coursre!


  1. I love the dismount! What a photo!

  2. Thanks! Lucky shot--he almost landed out of the frame. Who knew chickens could get themselves into those positions (while they were alive, I mean!)? :)

  3. I showed Hero's pic to my friend at law school, she thought he was the BEST! Hero is so cute!! He rocks. Muawah, Hero (on the forehead, not the nose or mouth).

  4. Yeah, he's great--except when he had a poor chick pinned between his paws right under his jaws against the back of the chicken tractor! Fortunately I was able to rescue it intact! I smacked Hero on the head and scolded him roundly. Now he's so funny, he gives the chicks a wide berth on his way to the barn--like an alcoholic giving a bar a wide berth! :)


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