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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fun in the Rain

We were working in the barn on the tack room this morning when it suddenly started pouring rain!  We were almost ready for lunch, but decided to wait it out.  Meanwhile, a couple things happened.
First, the useful:  The downpour helped us locate a couple of nail holes in the roof that let a lot of water in.  Those are something we need to fix before we put up the walls and ceiling.
Second, the fun:  Watching Zephyr play in the rain.  We realized she has a new Rule (more about her rules in a later post): No noisy rain on the roof!  The noise of the rain pounding on the metal roof sent her into a tizzy.  She would race outside, barking . . .
. . . then race back into the barn, barking and biting at the run-off pouring off the roof as she passed.
She would leap and bite the drips until she was breathless, then pause just long enough to catch her breath so she could spring into action again.
Hero just lay in the barn looking sad.  It's like he was saying, "I don't really like this, Daddy, but since you're here, I have to be here with you, so I'm staying here."

Funny, faithful Doggies!


  1. Can you bring the dogs when you come, please?!!!

  2. No, really, you have to bring AT LEAST Zeph Zeph, like last time!!


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