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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Between church and a collegian outing at Leahaven, we were gone till almost 8 p.m. tonight.  It was getting dark by the time we got home, so I went to see what was happening at the chicken coop.  Herb left the brooder house door open this morning when he let the Mean Girls out, and I half expected to find them back in there.  Instead, I found all three girls huddled up close against the chilly, rainy evening--with Gypsy in the middle!  Maybe they were cold, maybe they read the comment below about sending them to VA to eat stink bugs, but whatever the reason, it seems the girls are temporarily living in harmony.  So I guess the Mean Girls get a reprieve and get to come back to the coop for now.  But don't be fooled, girls, Big Mama is watching you . . .


  1. I guess this is the Mean Girls way of letting us know what they think of an exclusive diet of stink bugs! :P
    So glad to hear they are being nicer to Gypsy!

  2. I think they already ate too many stink bugs, because their behavior stinks! :) But at least they seem to have learned a lesson. Maybe I've established myself as the Big Chicken who will go to bat for Gypsy!


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