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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Progress on the Chicken Palace

Progress was limited today on the chick brooder and will be non-existant tomorrow.  Herb had meetings all afternoon, and he's going to Leahaven tomorrow to try to catch up on some bush-hogging.  I don't think either of us missed being out there when it was 100°!  We have already realized that it's warmer in the brooder than outside! 

We did get some studs and nailers up on the back wall so we could put up partial siding; I want to leave that nice pegboard available for hooks to hang feeders, heat lamps, etc.  Part of the inside wall went up; the top part will be hardware cloth to allow for ventilation.  The left wall will be plywood all the way up since there's no ventilation on that side.  Herb is actually going to pick up a roll of insulation at Leahaven tomorrow so we can insulate the outside wall before putting up the plywood.  Anything to help keep those little chicks warm!  The ceiling will be hardware cloth stapled to 2x4's to keep out snakes, rats, and raccoons that might want to feast on our chicks.

Sleep tight in your eggs, little chicks, and dream of your nice brooder.

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