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Friday, August 27, 2010

Close Encounters of the Chicken Kind

Kara has been babysitting the three-year old daughter of a friend, bringing her to the house for several hours most days this past week.  I took her out to watch the baby chicks, and one of the little Naked Necks strutted its cute stuff right on her leg.  I thought she might be scared because their feet feel kind of scratchy, but she enjoyed it!
And even though the chickens are hardly laying while they molt, Gypsy did her best to please today--laying an egg that for tiny hands to collect.  A proud little girl carried it very carefully in her hand all the way back to the house where I packed it up so she could take it home for breakfast. 

Such simple delights that I wish every small child could experience: holding a baby chick and plucking a warm egg from the nest to carry home to eat!

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