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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Football on the Farm

Believe me, we don't lack for fun around here!  Herb and I spent a half hour (after I'd already spent another half hour) watching the chicks play "Tackle the Man with the Football."  This time we provided the footballs:  two large green worms (tomato hornworms?) that I found on our peppers and Herb picked off.  (Note the division of labor!)  It took the chicks a while to get over being scared of the worms, but once they did, they managed to have three simultaneous games going with the two worms.  How did they manage three games with two worms?  They pulled one of them in half!

Before you waste too much time feeling sorry for the worms, those things literally MUNCHED huge holes in my peppers--holes that looked like they'd been made by a rabbit!  I took several videos of the fun which I'm going to try to post here.  I think after you watch them it will be evident to you, as it was to us, that the silly chicks expended WAY more energy trying to eat the worms than they got from actually eating them!

How it all started:

More Friday Night Football!  Can you keep your eyes on the "man" with the football?

The chicks were really hysterical! When I called Herb to come watch them, it took him several minutes to finish shutting the garden gate and come. As he approached the Chicken Palace, I told him he'd missed the fun. Indeed, I thought he had because one of the chicks had just gulped down the whole second worm, and only a tiny bit of green protruded from its beak as testimony of the wild game I had just witnessed. Herb settled himself with me in the shavings, and suddenly a huge commotion in the corner attracted our attention. We turned to see a chick racing away with the worm in its beak. What? I had just seen another chick swallow the whole thing! Herb and I actually got to witness exactly what had happened on two successive occasions. Two more times that poor worm was swallowed whole, and with only a tiny bit protruding from its devourer's beak, another chick grabbed it and yanked the worm right back out only to dart away with it. I must say, I did feel a bit sorry for it then! I don't care what it did to my peppers (and probably my tomatoes before that), NO worm deserves to be swallowed whole three times! THAT is cruel and unusual punishment!


  1. That is so gross! Yuky yuck yuck yuck!

  2. So funny!

  3. @Barbara, you've probably heard that quote that says something like, "I'm smiling because you're my sister. I'm laughing because there's nothing you can do about it." Well, I'm laughing out loud because you're my sister and we share the same sense of humor! Personally, after reading all the funny jokes I get from Uncle Louis and Aunt Dorothy, I think we got a double whammy of genetic funny bone from BOTH sides of the family! Karen got it, too, but she also got a big of a dose of "squeamish" and "couth" from somewhere (certainly NOT genetic--maybe she picked it up in the hospital?). I'm certain she'd agree more with Jenny! Thanks for laughing at my worm story!


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