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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Zephyr Hill's Terribly, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

Today didn't start out bad, just kind of funny--although I'm sure Angel and Brandy thought it was bad!  Dr. White came today to draw blood, give shots, shoot strangles vaccine up their noses and do a dental visit.  I think I hate dentists, but horses really have a reason to!  A dental visit for a horse involves sedation that makes her woozy, then a contraption that looks like a Medieval instrument of torture being strapped onto her head and used to crank her jaws wide.  The vet then takes something that looks like a small golf club with a file on the end, sticks his hands in her mouth and saws the file back and forth on the sharp edges of her teeth.  Of course, she'll feel better in the end because the sharp edges that cut her jaw are gone, but how do you explain that to a horse? 
I had a really funny picture of both horses standing one behind the other with their heads drooping down looking woozy, but my camera ate it! :( Karen would say that's poetic justice! Anyway, my camera spared these pictures of Brandy. The poor baby was standing there with her mouth hanging open, drooling, and her nose running (I assume from the strangles vaccine).  How do I say, "I do this because I love you?"
Then Zephyr disappeared and didn't come when I called her.  Finally I heard her bark, but couldn't figure out where she was.  I thought Hero might help, but he just followed me as we tromped all over the farm looking for her.  I thought she might have gotten shut in the garbage shed (again!) when I hung Brandy's halter there after turning her out, but no . . .  I kept calling, and she gave a couple more barks, spaced out one at a time, like she was trying to call me.  I traced her near the barn where I finally found her standing in the shade of a tree behind a gravel pile.  She had gotten barbed wire caught in her fur and couldn't get loose.
I tried to pull her loose, but she was so tangled up I had to go get a scissors from the horses' grooming box.  I think poor Zephyr thought I was abandoning her because she barked as I left as if to say, "Wait!  I'm still caught!"  I had a terrible time cutting her loose, and when I finally did she just stood there, afraid to move.  I had to pick her up, and she was content to let me do it and to carry her all the way back to the house.  I checked her over good for cuts, and she seems okay, but she has an appointment in two days to get that coat cut off!  And Herb has a date with a wire cutter!

There was more, but this will do to go on with!  Only things that have a picture get mentioned!  Although I guess I could take a picture of the naked satellite pole that Herb worked so hard to put up yesterday so I could see American Idol tonight--until David misunderstood what I told him and ended up not coming today!  Well, at least the horses are safe from any disease we can vaccinate them for, and Zephyr will be safely keeping me company while I read tonight while Herb is at a meeting!  So that's not a bad ending for a bad day!  :)


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  2. poor zephyr!
    to brighten your day:

  3. Zephyr didn't laugh, but I thought it was hilarious! :) Thanks!


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