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Monday, April 26, 2010

Working Hard and Hardly Working

Herb was working hard this afternoon to get us back on satellite.  He dug a trench from the house 75' out to the edge of the field where he dug a 4' deep hole and set an 8' 6x6 post in concrete.  All of this so that David can come tomorrow and simply move the dish out to the post, lay the wire and connect it.  And hopefully we'll be able to watch "American Idol" tomorrow night!  Can you spell "addicted"?!

I was working hard this morning, although I was so far out in the back pasture that what I did won't show up on this little picture.  I spent over two hours out there with the tractor, breaking down a huge, long dirt mound that the previous owner had shoveled out of the pond.  It's decent soil, so we want to spread it out to encourage grass to grow and hopefully stop the erosion that happens every time it rains.  It's surprisingly tricky to learn to use the tractor and loader in lieu of a skid-steer, but I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Somebody else was hardly working!  While Herb was chopping his way to China with a crow bar, Zephyr's contribution was to bark each time the crow bar thumped down on the dirt.  Hero stole the cardboard Herb was going to use as a form for the concrete and ran off to give it the dentition test.  After that, he supervised.  His motto must be, "Stop while you're a head!"  He's obviously the head of something, or maybe he's a Cheshire dog!

And as you can tell from those gorgeous clouds, the weather man has been working, too!

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