Stories of life on our farm in Northwest Georgia where every day is an adventure in this beautiful spot that God has entrusted to our stewardship.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

"No More Tangles" by Zephyr

"Hi, Hero!  I've missed you so much!  I was away for six hours!  I thought I'd never see you again!"
"See my new haircut?  Sasha did it!  She's nice!  I feel as light as air!  I think I can run as fast as you, Hero!"
"Well, maybe I can't run as fast as you, but I can bite you!  That's because I'm a hurt dog!  Mommy says so!  Mommy says I'm beautiful and so did all the people at PetSmart!"


  1. Ouuuuuu, the yearly sheering! We missed it! Did Zeph zeph get her cut strawberries? ;-)

  2. No strawberries--they're not ripe yet, but she did get a treat!


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