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Friday, April 30, 2010

I Was Born for This!

Hiii!  Ths iz Brandy!  Escuze the errrs, but my hoovz hav a hardd tim hittinggg the keyz!

Sorry, this is Susan taking over for Brandy because she was hitting those keys kind of hard!  Also (and please don't tell her), I really didn't want a pile of manure in the study.  But this is what Brandy dictated to me:

I was four years old on April 17, and today I discovered what I was born to do!  Today Susan rode me on a trail ride!  It was the first time she ever rode me out of the round pen.  It was so exciting!  There were lots of things to look at and sniff.  Herb rode my Mom, Angel.  Mom was walking really slow because her toes were ouchy.  So I got to go in front!  I even walked over a narrow place in the road that Mom was afraid of!  We had to come back after half an hour because Susan didn't want to over-do it for me, but I can't wait to go back.  Susan patted my neck and told me I'm a good horse!  And I really was!  Shawn would be proud of me!


  1. Good for you, Brandy! Glad you had a good trail ride! We weren't doing anything that exciting today--running errands and then shoveling and leveling dirt to fill holes in the yard!

  2. Nice! Sounds like GREAT fun!

  3. Thanks, Barbara. Hey, if you want more dirt to fill in your holes, I'll send Hero. Oh, wait, then he'd make more holes!

    Hey, Jenny, Angel's always looking for riders! :)


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