Stories of life on our farm in Northwest Georgia where every day is an adventure in this beautiful spot that God has entrusted to our stewardship.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Go, Dog, Go! Little Dog, Big Dog; Clean Dog, Dirty Dog (Wednesday)

Hi, I'm Zephyr.  I'm little, but I'm brave!  Water is wickit.  Daddy is emptying wickit water from the horses' water bowl.  I am defriending him from it.  I am trying to catch the wickit water before it makes Daddy wet.
The water tries to tax me, but I am too fast for it.  I bark ferociously cuz I'm not scared.
The wickit water didn't catch me--I taxed it back and I threw myself into it to defriend Daddy!
The wickit water is vansquished, and I am Victoria's.  I'm clean, too!  I'm a good dog!
HI!  I'm HERO!  I'm BIG and I'm a WUSS!  Mommy SAYS so!  I HUNT!  I smell a MOUSE!
Mice are BAD!  Mice are WICKED!  I'll catch the bad MICE and save MOMMY!  I think the MICE are in CHINA, but I'LL get there!  Just gimme a MINUTE!
I am inCORRigible!  I can DIG like a STEAM shovel!  LookOUT, mice!  Here I COME!
I FOUND it!  Their NEST of wickedness!  I shall DEVOUR it!  I'm a DIRTY dog!  But you can't make an OMElette without breaking EGGS!  I save the WORLD from MICE!  I'M a GOOD dog, TOO!


  1. Too funny! Looks like you guys are having a great Spring Break with Dad around on the farm!

  2. We are! We got almost nothing done that we had planned to do because of not having the Beast, so we couldn't fetch & carry big stuff with the trailer. But we got other stuff done & had fun, too!


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