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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun and Games on the Farm

Until my back & neck feel better, the horses are getting a vacation.  Their day begins with a bit of grain at the barn followed by a picnic in the field with nice green grass on the menu!  Every morning, the dogs come along to the pasture for their favorite morning ritual: The daily race down the pasture to see who's fastest--equine or canine! With the lovely weather, Angel and Brandy are feeling their oats, and they're ready for fun and games.
And how!  Yes, that's Brandy's tail straight up in the air! 
Angel prefers the picnic, while Brandy prefers the fun and games.
When Brandy is ready to eat, the fun is over, so Zephyr and Hero head back to us. 

P.S., as you can see, the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence!  That's because the horses don't give it a chance to get long, but believe me, there's plenty.  It won't take them long to get fat!  Any animal that has the energy to do what Brandy is doing above is not hungry!


  1. Wow, wish I had that much energy to kick the last three weeks of homework with!

  2. If only I could bottle her energy and sell it, I'd be rich!
    By the way, in the second picture Brandy is asking, "Does wearing my tail this way make my butt look big?"


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