Stories of life on our farm in Northwest Georgia where every day is an adventure in this beautiful spot that God has entrusted to our stewardship.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If: A Cure for Cabin Fever

If all the winter past was cold and gray,
If your plans to build a fence have gone astray,
If your post-hole-digger-hauling beast broke down
If it's still awaiting repairs across town;
If another's disregard of traffic caused a wreck,
If your wife's left useless with a hurt back;
If the sun is shining on you bright and fair,
If you want to enjoy spring and get out there,
If your wife's been nagging you without relent,
If she fears the junk just might hide a serpent--
Then, although a man, work like a beaver,
And you, my son, will find a cure for cabin fever!
Worthless wives are good for one thing--they know the difference between trash and treasure!  This, by the way, is treasure!  (Funny that the brand name is Warm Morning.  Almost--it sure is a warm afternoon!)
A random thought from life on a farm: Appearances can be deceiving.  These beautiful Bradford pear trees are completely useless, bearing no fruit whatsoever--and on top of that, they smell like something rotting!
They do make a nice backdrop for a picture of a big boy playing with his tractor!
And what a glorious playground!  He deserves to go out and play after working hard cleaning out the cabin!  Unlike the Bradford pears, which are purely ornamental, his "play" was really productive!  Nice neat bush-hogged fields ready to take off with spring grass.  And when we finally get a vehicle that can fetch a PTO-driven post-hole digger, the next game he's going to play is called "Fences!"
Well, somebody has to work while Herb is playing!  Hero and Zephyr enjoy the afternoon sun while supervising Herb.

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful day!


  1. Great pictures and poem! Enjoyed hearing about your day.

  2. Very cool cabin! I knew you guys would dig up some fun!

  3. As long as we don't dig up a snake!
    Barbara, I'm afraid I'm no Rudyard Kipling! :)


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