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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Little Boy, Big Toy

"Look, Susan!  No hands!"  Herb trying to scare me by driving the tractor down hill with no hands.
Zephyr keeps an eye on Herb to make sure the tractor keeps him safe on the steep hill and doesn't fall into one of Hero's giant holes!
The hill behind the house, which Herb plans to fence in soon.  This is the hill that made our Kubota dealer say he wouldn't feel comfortable taking ANY tractor on that hill--fence it and put the horses on it!  Buddy, don't look now, but Herb says he feels perfectly safe on this tractor!
No wonder Herb likes to play outside with his tractor!  What a glorious sky overhead!


  1. I was worried after Buddy's evaluation of that hill, so I stayed around keeping an eye on Dad--not that I could have done much but call 911! After he said the worst was done, I went off to buy herb plants. When I got home and we went out to admire his handiwork, I asked if it was scary ('cause it sure looked scary!) and he said no, except for the last tricky bit where the ground sloped down and dropped to the side at the same time. I guess I left too soon! But he says the tractor is really stable!

  2. Oh yeah, quite some handiwork! Do be careful though!!

  3. Well, as long as you keep the tractor running perpendicular to the hill.... :-)

  4. The problem arises when the hill drops down and off to one side at the same time, it's not always easy to actually keep it perpendicular. I know the theory, but I'm still happy to let Herb do that part in practice! :) Maybe I'll get braver one day . . .


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