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Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Berry Happy Easter!

We had Easter dinner with Jim, Monique and Charis on their deck.  After devouring Kentucky grilled chicken, Charis started on the strawberries.  Have you ever seen branches disappear into a high-powered mulcher?  You get the idea!  When she was tired of eating strawberries, they made great crayons to paint her hands and arms pink!
The next course was peanut butter and jelly on whole grain bread.  Charis may be eating the bread in this picture, but only to get the peanut butter off!  I'll spare you the picture where she graciously feeds the peanut-butterless bread to Monique!  Ahh, mother love!
Somebody's feeling berry good!
That's sign language for "all done".  Actually, she changed her mind and came back to devour a chunk of banana--after she painted it on her arms to join the strawberry juice in a kind of wearable smoothie!
Charis in her Easter ensemble--pink skin to match her bib!
She sure does clean up nice, though! 

Hmm . . . maybe that's why small children have such beautiful skin--they keep covering it in all sorts of anti-oxidant-rich foods!

Happy Easter with love from all of us here at Zephyr Hill Farm!


  1. Berry happy Easter to you too! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I just have a feeling that Charis will be happy to share her peanut butter bread with you when you come! After she gets the peanut butter off, that is!


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