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Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Garden Nymph

Charis came for lunch and the afternoon today.  After the rain stopped (over an inch, thank You, Lord!) we went outside and took a wagon ride.  First stop, the photogenic tree in the front yard--the perfect foil for a photogenic girl!
The vegetable garden proved to be a big hit.  Charis really got the concept of the aisles between the beds.  I think she put a mile on just walking around and around the aisles.  And then she discovered dirt!  (Sorry, Monique!)  She would go to the farthest bed from me, pat the dirt around, scoop up a handful or two, and bring it to me to dump in my bed.
After she gave me the dirt, she was inevitably dismayed by her dirty hands, so she gave them to me to brush off--and then back she went for more dirt!
Little Miss Monkey-See-Monkey-Do noticed me sitting on the edge of the beds to take pictures, so she decided to try it, too. 

I hope she's not copying me here!

We ended the afternoon being photogenic again!
And again!
And what a spot to do it in!  I think anyone would feel photogenic here!
One final picture, and a complete non sequitur.  But this glorious end to a beautiful day cried out for a spot on the blog.  And the sight of Sara grazing on the hillside, combined with the American Idol group melody running through my head from last night, gave me the title for this photo (cue, music):
"Just a Moo On the Hill"  Fortunately there's no sound on this thing, so you're spared my impromptu version of the song!


  1. Ah, I don't know why, but I love the ring of that sentence, "Charis came for lunch today and stayed for the afternoon" could be used to introduce a short story...!

  2. I think you love it because you've been here before to enjoy that same story unfolding! :)

  3. Charis looks like a little pink flower in your raised bed! And that last picture is beautiful--like a promise from God--see, the sun is setting, but it won't stay gone. . . . don't forget it will be up again in a few hours. Great is Thy Faithfulness!

  4. i love all these pictures- they're great! mo

  5. I must say it again, I have a great model! :)


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