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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Every shade of green that God created appearing in one scene!
Morning light glowing through the tiny new leaves of towering shade trees.
Brandy and Angel grazing peacefully in the field.  Thank you again, dear God, for bringing them back after they were stolen.  I never take this sight for granted!
Dogwood blossoms!  They are just plain gorgeous!  And I love that they represent the cross of Christ with the four petals representing the four parts of the cross, each part with a rusty brown stain representing His blood from His head, feet, and hands.
Our wonderful home on Zephyr Hill Farm which makes me glad every time I come back to it.
The beautiful views out our front and back doors--and the ever-changing wonder of God's creation.
Redbuds!  They rival dogwoods for my affection.
Speaking of dogwoods, my dear dogs Zephyr and Hero who gladly accompany me every single morning and evening, never tiring of going with me to do chores!
The intricacy of redbud blossoms--living art!

And last but not least, that I took in these sights doing my morning chores and fetching the paper.
God of wonder, You are beyond all majesty!


  1. Oh! I love that song too: God of wonders beyond all majesty, you are holy, you are holy, holy are you!

  2. My little dogwood has 7 blooms this year! I love it and the redbuds, too.


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