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Friday, April 9, 2010

Oh, Dear!

Oh, dear!  I thought spring was here!  This dandelion thought so, too, but now it's covered with frost!
Oh, dear!  The 39° morning has someone feeling frisky!  You better run fast, Hero!
Oh, dear!  It happened so fast I missed it, but this is Hero running out from under Angel's feet after she basically ran over him!  Thank heavens he wasn't hurt, and Zephyr has enough sense to chase everyone from a safe distance.
Oh, deer!  :)  They're actually running from Angel who came over to investigate.  Just one of the many delights of living here!


  1. Are you still up at 1:20 AM blogging??! I'm up working on paper! Nice pics. Are those really DEER in the background?! Fun!

  2. Yeah, you can't see the deer really well by the time you reduce the pixels to put the picture on the blog, and because I need a better telephoto lens. But they were there! Hope you got your paper done. And I guess I was up that late--no wonder I was tired the next day! Time kind of gets away from you when you're blogging . . .


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