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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

She's Back!

Charis, the biggest non-resident star of this blog, makes an appearance today, ever-enchanting in her many manifestations!
Charis uses sign language to ask for "more" of the millet couscous with vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, carrots, chick-peas and tomatoes) at lunch.
No, it's not a sexy pose--she's pushing back in an escaping piece of eggplant!
Hunger satisfied, she's rarin' to go--in fact, so much that she couldn't bear to waste time on a nap!
But she got one anyway when I offered to take her home for the evening so Jim and Monique could go to Bible study together.  Forty minutes is a loooong ride in a car seat when you've missed your nap!
We bundled her up, and Herb carried her out to watch me feed the animals.  Charis saw her first rodeo when Hero started chasing the horses, and they galloped three times around the field before Herb shut Hero up in the house so I could catch them.  Feeding the cats and chickens and gathering eggs was a lot tamer!  Charis squealed in delight when she saw Peekaboo's cage, so he came out and gave her kisses.  She pulled all of the dishes out of the play kitchen while I fixed dinner; then she devoured her beef stew with pumpkin, summer squash, onions and black beans, plus some guacamole.  But her favorite thing to do was play with Zephyr ("dah!").  Charis threw the big blue ball for Zephyr, and the rubber bone--after failing in her attempt to pry Zephyr's mouth open to stick the bone in!  It was a busy, fun evening, and Charis was sound asleep when daddy and mommy came to pick her up.  We'll put her to bed like this anytime!


  1. oh, cool! Sad we missed her! Can't wait to see her and get a big Charis bear hug...I'll take a Kara bear hug too! ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing your day with Charis so we could enjoy it, too! We studied the life cycle of salmon this morning--took a field trip via you tube to see a salmon run. But Charis is much cuter than the salmon. Hi to all of you from Barbara

  3. Barbara, I'm glad you think Charis is cuter than a salmon! I do, too! You could take a field trip here to see Charis run! Ha! ha!

    Jenny & Jean-Marc, I'm sure you'll get a Charis-bear hug while you're here; maybe a kiss, too!

  4. I think the sign language is GREAT!


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