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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That Was Yesterday, This Is Today!

What a ding-dong!  I spoke too soon, and I jinxed us!  Here's our front lawn today.
Looking up at the house from the mailbox--what a long way to have to walk to get the morning paper, but I'm thankful it came and that I have hot coffee waiting for me when I get back inside!
I'm also thankful that CCS finally called school off at 10:30 (these pictures were taken before 9!) and that Herb made it home safely, though he said he "barely" made it home with the SUV in 4WD!
I guess you could say that winter's not ready to ring itself out yet! I don't know why, but blogspot is distorting this picture! :(

Our pastor Cal Boroughs just sent this out through the church email:
"Come now, let us reason together says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow."  Isaiah 2:18

I had to laugh because it is SO appropriate, but it also makes me smile at God's goodness when I think of how thoroughly the snow does cover up and transform all that is underneath it, and when I think that is what His forgiveness does for our sins!


  1. Like pictures out of Christmas in Connecticut...makes you want to sing Christmas Carols!!

  2. The snow covering the yard has pretty much melted here. We still have drifts and piles made by the wind a few weeks ago and more made by the snow shovellers--Z, T, N, J. So yesterday N & J took their Tonka equipment out to play in one of the biggest piles. Got their pic but it's on 35 mm so can't share it. :)

  3. Jenny, what I want to be singing is "Heavenly Sunshine"!

    Barbara, I got the kids' lovely thank you notes (I'll write back soon). Their igloo sounds amazing! I hope you have a digital camera to take pictures & put them on Facebook.


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