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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Seb's Big Day Out

It started raining Sunday night and rained hard all day Monday and that night, so Ebby and Seb spent his first 24 hours and then some in a stall.  Today the rain stopped, and it was time for Seb to see the world.

He quickly found his "sea legs" and took off running.

Poor Ebby went racing behind him in an extended trot that would do a dressage horse proud.

As she followed her wayward son, she emitted constant plaintive moos.  I'm sorry to report that Seb completely ignored his mother and continued to gallop all over the field.

I think he even surprised himself with his speed.

He was very serious about having fun.

When he'd worked off some of his high spirits, Seb came up to get some petting.  What a sweet little guy he is!  (Even if he does worry his mother.)

Several times during the day he wouldn't follow when she wanted him to, so she stood there and bellowed for him until he came.  Mothers and their boys seem to be the same through all time, whether they're human or bovine!

Who could resist that adorable face?

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