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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weather or Not

Ten days ago we had flooding in the low places in light jacket weather.  This morning we woke up to 28° and a hard frost that looked like snow.

Whatever the weather, the animals expect to be fed twice a day.  They wait patiently at the gate until we appear.

For the past several weeks Herb has been doing most all of the feeding, but today I joined him with the camera and the four dogs.  (Bonnie and Kara are staying with us while Kara gets over the winter crud.)  Jet was first through the gate into the pasture with the cattle, but like a gentleman, he waited for sister Bonnie.

When Herb dumped the hay over the fence for the cattle, Jet and Bonnie raced over, sure there was something tasty.  Sure enough, Bonnie found a "poopsicle!"

Then Bonnie ran back to Siobhan and me to see if Siobhan had left her any grain.  Dream on, Bonnie!

Royal and Ebby really got into their breakfast.
Shortly after lunch it started to snow and kept on all afternoon.  The cattle hung out at the water cooler in one big mass of furry warmth.

The snow fell in vain for a couple of hours, with nothing to show for all that effort.  Shortly after 4:00 Siobhan gave a loud moo.  There she was, standing at the gate, reminding us that it was time to eat again.  Inside, as soon as I got up Jet twirled in circles, ever excited to go out and feed.  And so we did, all over again, weather or not.

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