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Saturday, October 18, 2014

On the Mooove!

Wellie had just finished a nice nursing under the tree by our back fence when the dogs suddenly went crazy barking.  I looked out back to see what it was and saw two deer racing off through the field (just through the trees beyond Siobhan's ears) with their white tails bounding away.

Since the dogs kept barking, I thought there might be more deer on the way and grabbed the camera to go out and get a shot.  As I went out, Hero got out with me and raced right up to the fence where he set up a thunderous barking right in poor Siobhan and Wellie's ears.

So I didn't get a shot of any deer bounding through the fields, just cattle!

They weren't scared--it was just an excuse to have a romp and a run on a perfect fall day.


  1. I love the photos of romping cows!

    1. Me, too, and isn't it funny how much Wellie's position mirrors his mom's each time? Monkey see, monkey do! :)


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