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Monday, October 27, 2014

Friends in Far Places
One of the blogs I follow regularly is "Grasspunk," written by Brent Curtis about his family farm in Gascony, France where they raise Salers beef cattle using Intensive Rotational Grazing.  I truly admire what Brent and Jean have done with their farm, turning old vineyards into lush pasture where they raise delicious grass-fed beef.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found my little blog mentioned  in his post the other day, "Some Great Farm Blogs to Improve My Farming."  Not only was I astonished--I was completely humbled!  Brent and Jean are doing what I wish we could do.  I'm afraid our pastures will never look like theirs.  I have had to accept that IRG is not within our capabilities at this stage of our lives--but Brent's perspective on pasture is the ideal that I keep in mind.

Here's what Brent wrote:
Adventures on Zephyr Hill Farm goes into amazing details on the ins and outs of milking and running Dexter cattle for the smallholder. Watching her defeat the challenges of her farm is always inspiring. Cute cows, too.
I'll grant you the cute cows; I know that's true!  I just didn't realize that us defeating our challenges could be inspiring.  Although I find myself hesitant to accept such an accolade, it does encourage us to keep taking on the challenges.  And maybe some day, we'll have them all figured out and I can finally change the title of this blog to what I should have called it in the first place (if I'd only had a brain!) . . .

"Dull Days on Zephyr Hill Farm"  

Meanwhile, thank you, Brent, for including me in such heady company.  Now I'm heading over to check out some more of those blogs you listed.


  1. I like your alternative title. I have one for ours - "Disaster Area Farm - learning things the hard way."

    But hey, it isn't the number of cows, it is how you deal with life's challenges.

    1. Brent, it makes me feel better to hear your alternate title! I guess lessons learned the hard way are never forgotten, are they? :) I used to do crossword puzzles every day to keep my brain active . . . Ha! my cows do that for me now! Some of our most satisfying moments here have come after having successfully met a challenge. :)


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