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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Progress on the Honey-Do List: Herb's a Real Cut-Up!

Things have changed a lot in the five and a half years we've lived here.  Five years ago (this photo was taken in May) there were four little pines growing along the road that divides the current Home Pasture and the Middle Pasture.  (There were no fences, either!)

Fast forward five years, and I noticed that the once-little pines were now blocking our view of the Middle and Back Pastures.  I mentioned it to Herb, saying it wasn't urgent but maybe we could add it to his Honey-Do list for when he got around to it.

Normally we are pretty much tree-huggers and hate to cut down any trees, but these four pines were useless for shade, and they had out-stayed their welcome when they obstructed our view.  So on Memorial Day Herb tackled them . . .
. . . with a hack saw and an axe!

Over a couple days he chopped them all down . . .

. . . and yesterday he hauled the carcasses off to the local landfill.  Now THAT'S a view!  

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