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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Little Brother, Big Sister

Here are some photos of Wellington from Tuesday morning when he was a week old.

 He and the chickens have a peaceful co-existence.

Wellington is getting to be a BIG boy.  In one week he went from 39 to 65 pounds!

While Ebony was getting her morning grain in the round pen, cousin Tiggy (left) and big sister Macree came over to meet Wellington (since Ebony won't share her grain with Macree and Tiggy doesn't seem interested).

Here are little brother at one week old and big sister, two days shy of a year old.  What a difference a year makes!  Macree weighs about 347 lbs. to Wellie's 65.

Besides being weighed again, Wellie got his ear tattooed and his tail hairs pulled, ready to send off to UCDavis for testing.  Stay tuned to find out his chondro and A2 status, as well as the type of red he is.


  1. He is growing fast and looks like he could be a good herd sire. I hope your test come back the way you want them to.

    1. Thanks, Gordon. By the time you get your cattle, you'll have a very practiced eye! I started out never having paid attention to cattle at all, and I've been working on developing a critical eye for conformation. Oh, and by the way, let me vent a pet peeve here . . . people who talk about their cow's "confirmation," as if they were going to take it to church for its First Communion! :D

      UCDavis just sent me an email that they have received the test results (something TAMU doesn't do), so I hope to have at least some of the results within a week. I've ordered a bunch so some may take awhile. I'll do another post when I get the results.

  2. Looking so great there. Always get a good laugh or smile from your posts. We hoping we have past the last of winter now. Spring rains have come & planting like mad because of the long winter. Will try to update or post in between work.
    God Bless
    Mark & Bev

    1. Bless your hearts! I wish we could send you some green grass!


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