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Thursday, May 29, 2014

While We Were Away

I left the beginning of May for Texas and didn't get home until after Herb's graduation on the 10th.  It seemed like the farm had "put on the dog" to welcome me back home and celebrate Herb's graduation and Mother's Day all rolled into one.

The Knock-Out rose had knocked itself out putting on a splendid display.  Jet and Bonnie seem to think that the round bench covering the old cistern was put there just for them.

We think Joe Palmer of McKinnley Excavating and his hard-working crew did a fabulous job with our patio!  And now that winter is truly gone, we intend to enjoy it for the rest of the summer, especially with the nice umbrella that Kara got me for Mother's Day . . .

. . . and the tiled dolphin fountain on the back porch that Herb got me.  The puppies think it's theirs, too, and they keep splashing the water out!  I'm so glad they're enjoying our back yard!

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