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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Visit to Legend Rock Ranch in Texas

This visit happened early in May, but I'm going to squeak it in at the end of the month and tell you about D-Day--in this case, Dexter Day!  I flew to Houston to visit our daughter Katie while Cameron was in Scotland for a consultation on his Ph. D.

Barb Netti of Legend Rock Ranch and I had become friends on the Dexter ProBoards forum, so I asked if she and Chuck like visitors.  They do!  Not only did I receive an invitation to stay at their lovely ranch overnight, but Barb also invited Carl & Donna Jenkins (another ProBoards friend from Texas) to join us for the day.

Check out the Nettis' excellent website to read about their beautiful cattle and their breeding program for polled red Dexters that are PHA and chondro-free.  They also parentage verify and test all their calves for the A2 gene.

Here Barb loves on Whisper, who was waiting to calve.  Unfortunately, Whisper didn't have her little bull calf until after I left . . .

. . . but I fell in love with little Widget.  Alas!  She wouldn't fit in my carry-on, so I had to leave her behind.

Once we'd seen the mamas-to-be in the barnyard, admired the Temple Grandin-style working pens, and greeted the newest babies, we headed out to meet all the girls.

I fell in love again with adorable Gracie, but this one's a keeper so my suitcase stayed empty.
Glitter is Chuck and Barb's favorite cow, but having provided them with several replacements, she is now for sale.  If only that carry-on wasn't so small!  Now THAT would be a real Texas-sized souvenir to bring home!

After having played with the cows, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening talking Dexters, perusing Barb's herd book, talking Dexters some more, and of course eating Dexter beef for dinner.  Finally it was past time for Carl & Donna to head home, but first we made a Kodak moment to commemorate D-Day.

The next morning Barb and I went out to see the girls again.  I love this shot of her communing with the ladies in the shade of the live oaks.

Whatever they were talking about, it must have been fascinating!

It was time to say good-bye to Legend Rock Ranch . . .

. . . stopping to take one last shot of an adorable calf.  Meet Go-Getter, a little bull who just might be a future herd sire some day.

Texas, Dexters and friends who speak "Cow:  You can'g buy that vacation with MasterCard--it's priceless!


  1. I love Barb Nettie, she was the first Dexter person to call me and talked to me at my first AGM. She calls me from time to time just to touch base and is always so helpful. One of these days we are going to make a visit to her beautiful ranch.

    1. Me, too, P.J! I know she'd love you to visit her, too, and if Donna can make it, you'll love her, too. I think finding such friendly Dexter breeders has been one of the things I love the most about our breed.


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