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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Baby Is Weaned!

"Hooray!" says Siobhan, "My baby is weaned!  Now I can give all my milk to Mommy!"

Here was Siobhan's udder Monday morning after we put the weaning ring on Macree Saturday, almost two days of no nursing or milking.

Here's the other side.

Here's her udder after milking.

And the other side.  The drips on the tips of her teats are Fight-Bac, a chlorhexadine spray to prevent mastitis, especially important now that Macree isn't nursing.

Macree is still trying, but Siobhan is having none of it . . .

This is not affectionate nose-rubbing!  This is Siobhan pushing Macree away every time Macree tries to get near her, until Macree gives up and goes away.

And this is what Siobhan gave me!  Over half a gallon, 2.25 quarts.  No more keeping some back for Macree--Mommy gets it all!

The great thing about using a weaning ring is that while I get all the milk, Macree gets the rest of her mother.  Instead of them being separated across a fence, bellowing for each other and wearing a path along the fence, they can peacefully enjoy each other's company.  Macree grows up, Siobhan grows her new baby, and I can still milk.  I call that a win-win-win situation!

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