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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowy Day

Lately I've been saying that if it has to be freezing cold, we might as well get some snow out of it.  Well, today we finally did!

Royal is all decked out in red, white and blue.  I wonder what he thinks of our weather here?
Sir Loin is practicing his "I'm too cute to eat" routine and being very successful at it!
Siobhan, Macree and Ebony chose a classic black-and-white theme for their portrait.  (And thanks to Kara for these photos.)
Bonnie and Jet have been going bonkers all day, racing through the snow and barking.  Just because they can.  At least they should sleep well tonight!

They're fascinated with tasting this fluffy white stuff.

It's good to know that needed maintenance has been done and the barns will adequately shelter everyone and everything in them.

Brandy, Angel and Julie have been feeling very frisky today.  You can actually see the soles of Brandy's feet as she kicks her heels into the air.

Angel joins in with a just-one-foot-on-the-ground rear as Brandy runs by.  Although the photos don't show it, it's usually mischievous little Julie that gets things moving.

In the distance, Lookout Mountain is completely obscured by the snowfall.  When it gets like this, sanity rules in our area.  Schools and businesses send everyone home, so Herb's afternoon classes were cancelled.  It took him a long time to get home past all the cars that couldn't navigate the snowy roads, but he finally made it.

I'll be glad to have his help for evening feeding along with his regular hauling of hot water to melt the ice in the pasture tanks.  When everyone's settled for the night, we get to come back to a hot pot of chili that Kara is making, followed by Herb's inspiration of the day--ice cream.  What better way to remind us what a blessing it is to be safe and warm inside on a snowy day.

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