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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fun with Felfies

Say whaaaat?  Felfies are a hot trend in the online agricultural world.  Apparently selfies were THE trend for 2013, but that is SO last year!  This year's trend is a twist on selfies known as felfies--farmer-selfies, of course.  Felfies were most likely invented by a farmer who was spending way too much time watching water tanks fill up, so he whipped out his cell phone, called his cows--and took the agricultural world by storm.

Here are some links to prove that I am not making this up!

Check out Mashable for a look at the trend along with some good examples of felfies--and some felfie websites.  Yes, they really do exist!

Huffington Post shows you the winning photo from an Irish contest and probably my all-time favorite felfie, the second one down.

Madmoizelle carries the phenomenon to the French-speaking world, but the photos transcend all language barriers.  Personally, I think the last one should have won the Irish contest!

I posted a challenge to my Irish Dexter Cattle ProBoards friends to come up with some Delfies (I'll let you figure out what those are!), but after hearing about their sub-zero temperatures, I thought I ought to get out in our 28° and set the example.

Since I have a stupid phone (because I got tired of my smart phone being smarter than I am) that doesn't take good photos, I had to use my iPad.  It's a lot bigger than a cellphone and a bit of a challenge to aim right . . .

Yeah, we have a barn, but I was trying to get an animal in there!
 Well, there's the "f," now all we need is the "elfie!"  Stop hogging the camera, Siobhan!
Getting better, there's half of me.

And there's the other half.  Why can't I take all of me?  
Macree was laying down chewing her cud and looked like she might hold still.  Or not.  Looks like she's a camera hog just like her mom.

Now that's more like it, Macree!

Ebony and I had a hard time coordinating our on-screen kisses.  You're supposed to kiss me, Ebony, not the camera!

Almost there!

Siobhan got all into it!  Still hogging most of the camera, though.

Way to go, Siobhan!  I knew we could do it!  Now isn't that just the most kissable nose you've ever seen?

Sir Loin wanted to play, too.  First he tried his "Gulp!  You're going to eat me???" look.

Then he tried his "I'm too cute to eat" look.  He's working that one for all he's worth!

So there's our adventure with felfies and Delfies, hopefully inspiring some of the rest of you to try it, too.  No cute Dexters?  I guess you'll just have to settle for a selfie with your dog or cat!


  1. Love the pics....I'll have to start taking felfies of Phil and I soon. Phil's new tractor was delivered last week. I retire the end of next month but Phil has another year. We won't have animals but plan to do a lot more with the gardens! :-) I think we have about the same amount of snow that you all do but it is so cold this year. It was 8 degrees when I left the house this morning. So, I will be posting some pics of Phil on his new tractor once the ground thaws !! Say Hi to Herb for us, too ! Judy

    1. I can't wait to see a felfie of Phil with his tractor! I love my animals, but not having any will leave you free to travel. I'm sure you're counting the days!


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