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Monday, December 2, 2013

Jean-Marc the Dexter Dairy Man

Since Jenny got to star in the previous post, Jean-Marc gets to star in this one.  ("Adventures on Zephyr Hill Farm" is an Equal Opportunity Blog!)

I could have called this post "The Shadow of Your Side" to make it rhyme with the one about Jenny, but I decided to go with a more descriptive, if less prosaic, title.

It's a good thing I did because Blogger messed with my photos again, enhancing the life out of them, and Jean-Marc is no longer in the shadow of Siobhan's side!

At least you can see him better as he enjoys his first milking experience.  I asked him what it felt like, and he said "rubbery."  In case you were wondering!

Jenny enjoyed her photography experience, too!  One thing I love about her style is her interesting perspective.  I must admit, it never would have occurred to me to climb up on the stanchion over Siobhan's head to get a different angle, but then again, I'm a little too old for that!  Siobhan was amazingly calm throughout it all!  (More photos soon.)

Jean-Marc quickly developed his own technique, which you can see here.  I showed him the full-hand-rolling-the-fingers-down squeeze technique and then the stripping technique that I use when my hands get tired of squeezing .  Since Jean-Marc's hands are larger than mine, he found that the stripping technique worked better for him.
As you can see, he got great results!
Milk in the pail is SO satisfying!  We ended up with just a little less than my record amount (from the day before), so I really think Siobhan enjoyed the experience, too.

She sure wanted to come back for more!  Jean-Marc came back for more, too, and helped the next time I milked.  I told him I'll make a dairy farmer out of him yet!

I think this shows why Dexters are the perfect family cow.  They're gentle, easy to handle, and able to be enjoyed by everyone.  They don't discriminate based on gender, size or amount of experience!


  1. Way to go Jean-Marc! I like the photo angle from up above, Jenny!

    1. Yes, and Siobhan is so wide she makes me look narrow by comparison! :D

  2. We had so much fun ... If only I hadn't twisted my wrist during group PT the day before I would have been able to clamber around some more and get better angles ;-)

    1. Siobhan says to tell you she's glad you didn't! I'll have Dad install a hook from the ceiling so you can dangle from it next time--no climbing necessary! Hee-hee!


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