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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big Boy Toys at Work

We have had some really cool "big boy toys" around here lately, and some exciting changes are happening.

 First came the toys.

Then came the changes.

 The old railroad tie retaining wall had been gradually leaning more and more into the driveway, and it was high time for it to go!
Another "toy" at work.
Here's a peek at our Christmas present to ourselves, just beginning!

A patio has been on my wish list ever since we moved here, and I'm so excited about it!

This handy laser "toy" looks rather boring, but it will make sure the patio is done just right.

Another "toy" at work.  The bare circle is the site of the original cistern for the old house that used to be here.  It was already filled in when we moved here, but we discovered its existence as the fill gradually sank and the rock rim of the cistern appeared.  Joe, the landscaper, thought it best not to build the patio over the cistern because it will probably continue to settle for years to come.  He has a cool plan for that part, so stay tuned for the final reveal.

Here's a final peek at the patio.  I know it's going to look great because look at the retaining wall . . .

They're going to level, rake, seed and straw everything at the same time when the patio is done, but we're so happy we finally had this done.  It already makes a difference in how things look when we drive up to the house, and I think the gravel French drain behind the wall will make the perfect base for planting a row of lavender, rosemary, and spreading rosemary along the top of the wall.  I can already see it in my mind's eye!


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see the progress! Hurry up next Fed Holiday ... We need to make a trip south!

    1. We'll grill lamb out there! Run to your car as fast as you can! :D

  2. Looking very nice Susan, love the look of it so far. If your grill will be out there, the idea of yours to plant your herb garden by the wall is a good one. You are more apt to use fresh herbs in your cooking if they are close at hand. Nothing like fresh rosemary on your roasted chicken. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it.

  3. Wow that is ASSUME, some day we will start working on some creative projects. But for now we will admire yours.
    Mark & Bev

    1. Hey, I can't claim the credit for it--just the idea to do it! You guys are the ones with the awesome projects! Although I agree with your priorities to have a floor and walls inside before you build a patio outside!

  4. Nice! And I agree, the lavender and rosemary would look just lovely there! Come on, Spring!!

    1. Barbara, if I work some sand into the dirt they will put back over the gravel, do you think that's sufficient for the lavender? Yours does so well!


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