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Saturday, November 30, 2013

We're Thankful

In no particular order through the weekend . . .

Herb & Susan for having kids, grandkids and grand-dogs here for the weekend.

Jim and Monique - for a time to take a break.

 Aunt Kara - for getting to play with her niece and nephew, affectionately known as "the Kidlings."
Didi - for hugs from grandkids.
Mimi - ditto.

Jet - for a visit from . . .

... his sister Bonnie and his cousin Tai.

Charis - for "that wonderful sausage."  (Thank you, Rambo and Obaama!)

Didi and Mimi - for having all three grandkids at the farm for the weekend--and together on Julie (who handled it like an angel).

Hero - that Kol is finally not afraid of him.

In fact, he was obviously SO thankful (just look at his face!) that he and Kol deserve two photos!
Eden - for her very first pony ride.

Julie - for being the center of attention.
Jenny - for a chance to come out from behind the camera (Thank you for all the photos, Jenny!) and enjoy a trot on Julie.

Brandy - for the first time being ridden in ages AND a gallop.

Susan - for riding partners.
Angel - ditto.
Monique - the first time to ride in a long time.

Jean-Marc - for a chance to hang out with his niece . . .

... and nephew.
 Kol - for a chance to play not-too-scary-monster with Uncle Jean-Marc, Aunt Jenny & Aunt Kara.

 Jean-Marc and Jenny - for a chance to straighten a few things out.

Kara - for a bag to hide behind.

Jean-Marc - for a chance to play with the Doodad.

Jim and Monique - naps.

Siobhan - yummy breakfast coming during milking time.

Susan - milk tinkling into my pail.
Macree - my turn coming when Mimi's done milking.

And for other things that didn't get photographed:

Skyping with Katie & Cameron from Houston.

And many other blessings too numerous to mention!


  1. C'est la fiestttaaa chez vous! ! lol

  2. When JM joined the family he turned everything upside down and continues to do even five years later:-)

  3. So happy that your Thanksgiving was wonderful and full of family fun.

    1. Thank you, Connie! I know yours was with your lovely little lady! She's such a doll, and I enjoy watching her grow up on FB!

  4. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us via photos--some made me smile and some made me chuckle! Great photos!

    1. Thanks for joining us, Barbara! Glad you got a smile and a chuckle!


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