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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Check Out Our New Page!

We have a new page on the blog--a For Sale page!  This is definitely a new stage for us, having enough animals that we can sell.  We've been blessed with heifers to the point that we just had to buy two more steers!  We have already sold our July heifer ZH Taco's Tundra along with her dam Sara, part of the package deal to get New Hope Ebony Belle as our new cow.  We are up to five animals--six when our bull arrives in January--so it's time to think of selling our sweet little ZH Siobhan's Macree.

Check out our new For Sale page to learn more about this lovely little heifer who will make someone a really nice milk cow.


  1. What a great idea having a for sale page on your blog. I will probably copy that when I am ready to start selling things on our farm. I checked your heifer out and she looks like a nice one, you wont have any trouble selling her. If I was ready for animals I might buy her. I know she has good blood lines.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement and kind words, Gordon! I want to make sure she goes to a good home because she is also a sweetie! I decided to try to put her in the stanchion today after I took her mama back to the pasture, and she hopped right up in there and stuck her head in the feed box! She got rewarded with some feed and then let me lead her back very nicely, just started hurrying a bit when she saw mama. That will be an exciting moment for you--when you sell your first whatever! You have a lot of exciting firsts to look forward to!


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