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Registered Dexter Cattle For Sale

This page is current as of November 2016.  Please feel free to check with us if you're looking for a Dexter, in case we may not have recently updated this page.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we can steer you toward someone who might.


ZH Royal Celebration - "Seb" was born Apr. 12, 2015 out of NewHope Ebony Belle, our best milk cow.  He was sired by our herd sire, Mrald Crown Royal, who has a great temperament and excellent milking genetics.  Seb is the sweetest calf born on our farm and the easiest one I have ever halter trained.  He was dam-raised until the age of 9 months.  He is fully weaned and ready to begin work as a herd sire.

Sebs's DNA Test Results
  • Color: Black, carries wild red. (ED/E+)
  • Polled: Horned (HH) Seb has been dehorned, has small nubs. 
  • Chondrodysplasia: Obligate non-carrier (HN).  
  • PHA: Obligate non-carrier (HN).
  • Milk beta-casein: Obligate homozygous, A2/A2. 
  • Genotype: On file with UCDavis.  
  • Sire and Dam Qualified through testing at UCDavis.
  • ADCA Registration 038448.  Click on the link to see his pedigree.

Seb is friendly without being pushy, and respects our space.  Seb is a sturdy, well-built young bull with a straight topline, good conformation, and a nice masculine look.  With his sweet temperament and good genetics added in, we think he will make someone a special herd sire.

Seb's dam, NewHope Ebony Belle at 4 years of age, three days before he was born.

Seb's sire, Mrald Crown Royal, at a little over two years old.

Seb's vaccinations are current as of Feb. 17, 2016.  He is selling for $1500.

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ZH Siobhan's Macree - Macree, Siobhan's first calf, was born June 5, 2013. Her name is Irish for "my heart." We were thrilled to get a heifer, the spitting image of her mother at the same age.   We were delighted with her laid-back temperament and knew she would make someone a really nice cow.  During her training as a future milk cow, Macree was introduced to the stanchion and accompanied to the head catch being closed, as well as having her udder handled.  She stood rock solid without so much as flinching.  This training is important for heifers so that they can be handled and milked with ease.  In the fall of 2014, Macree was confirmed bred to Mrald Crown Royal and went to her new home in Tennessee.

Macree at 15 months old, Sept. 10, 2014.

S&H Hilltop Sara and her 2013 heifer ZH Taco's Tundra

Sara with her 2013 heifer ZH Taco's Tundra, in the summer of 2013 shortly before they were sold to the Newswangers in KY, where Tundra is raising her first calf.

 * * *

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  1. Nice little heifer. That's how I train my girls to milk too, standing next to their momma at milking time. Nice set up you got there, jealous of that stanchion!

    1. Thank you, Alicia! I'll tell my husband you like his stanchion! :) Macree will come into the stanchion any time I leave the gate open--loves her food just like her mama and grandma!

  2. Is Macree still available? How much are you asking for her?

    1. Chris, thank you so much for your inquiry. We are waiting on a deposit that is in the mail. In case something should fall through, I could put you on the waiting list. You would be second in line. I'm sorry, but please do check back with us next year. :)


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